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If we are going to have robots, they will invariably need to be polished. Note: We don't expect this job to become popular until 2030 or beyond.

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Troubleshooting skills can be learned more_vert
Troubleshooting skills can be learnedclose

The key to troubleshooting industrial equipment lies beyond the process itself. A prerequisite to troubleshooting is the knowledge and understanding of the equipment. Knowing how the equipment functions, what each component installed on the equipment is, what the component does, how the component does what it should, and how the components interact are essential in applying any troubleshooting methodology or process.

Build your skills in:
  • Troubleshooting
  • Equipment Maintenance
  • Quality Control Analysis
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  • Intermediate
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    To provide maximum value to customers, engineers must have a strong understanding of ownersโ€™ needs and the ability to evaluate key aspects of mechanical system selection to meet those needs. In other words, there is an art and science to defining and evaluating key aspects in order to choose the proper equipment.

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    Good intentions are not enough. Sticking to oneโ€™s plan is hard work. We humans are notoriously poor at following through with our plans. We tend to be ambivalent about making a change. We want to lose weight, but we also love to eat. Fortunately, people can resist desire and temptation using the following resistance strategies.

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  • Self Control
  • Monitoring
  • Patience
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