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Maxim's team needed something new. The current marketing wasn't working, but his skills in selecting vendors meant they were able to source and secure exactly the partner they needed to get back on track.

Supplier or vendor selection is the process of selecting a supplier or vendor to acquire the necessary materials to support the outputs of an organization.

Selecting a vendor depends on factors including money, quality, trust, reliability, reputation, and service.

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Top 11 skills of an effective facilitator more_vert
Top 11 skills of an effective facilitatorclose

There are certain skills you can work on or acquire that will help you in your journey to becoming an effective facilitator.

Build your skills in:
  • Facilitation of Discussion
  • Empathy
  • Nonverbal Communication
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  • 7 steps for successful IT vendor selection more_vert
    7 steps for successful IT vendor selectionclose

    Selecting a technology vendor is probably one of the most important tasks that an IT leader will undertake. It can be a complicated and emotional process if the organization lacks the right team of people who have the knowledge and expertise to undergo a successful selection process.

    Build your skills in:
  • Empathy for Co-workers and Vendors
  • Select Vendors
  • Planning for Projects
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